The books

Back in 2004, before I had any idea how to code, I created a monster. Started with sgf files containing the problem collections, wrote an awful Perl script rotating the problems to the upper left corner. (Hey, it’s just 100 lines of code and actually does something. These days I write thousands of lines of code to do nothing much at all.)

Then used sgf2dg (back when it was called sgf2tex!) to spit out TeX output. PdfTeX to get pdfs and voila.

This would be a good place to thank Toxygen. Do you know how Metafont fonts look when processed with pdfTeX? Fucking ugly. I spent weeks trying to convert the Metafont go diagram fonts into PostScript format. Then Majo came along and converted them, I still have no idea how he did it. If you ever want to produce go pdf’s from TeX, get the PostScript fonts.

The website

7 years after launch – 2013 AD – seems like the right time to drop the “Beta” and refresh the website a little. Also a good opportunity to finally try out Twitter Bootstrap. And since static site generation is all the rage these days and Jekyll is not hip enough anymore, it’s done with Middleman. You can see the source of the Tsumego Collections website and submit bug reports.

Bootstrap sucks, please use Pure.css instead!

Middleman is aging nicely.