Collection Difficulty Normal Booklet Mobile Problems
Cho's enc. – Elementary Normal Double Mobile 900
Cho's enc. – Intermediate Normal Double Mobile 861
Cho's enc. – Advanced Normal Double Mobile 792
Gokyo Shumyo Normal Double Mobile 520
Xuanxuan Qijing Normal Double Mobile 347
Igo Hatsuyo-ron Normal Double Mobile 183


The default Normal, single page pdf is the easiest to use and suitable for on-screen viewing. If you’re not sure, pick this one!

The Booklet, double page pdf is meant for A5 booklet printing. Use an A4 printer to print the first half of the pages. Then turn the stack of papers upside down and print the second half of the pages. After that, staple in the middle, fold in half, and enjoy your fancy new brochure.

Ruben Berenguel assembled mobile-friendly versions suited for small screens.


Cho Chikun’s Encyclopedia of Life and Death is a wonderful progression which will take you from an absolute beginner to mid dan level.

Next, we present you with the three most famous classical tsumego collections. Gokyo Shumyo deals mostly with patterns occuring often in real games. XuanXuan Qijing focuses on feeling and vital points, and the insanely difficult Igo Hatsuyo-ron is here just to make you cry.